Top Tips to Consider When Getting Mobile Phone Insurance

With the iPhone 12 recently launching to great critical acclaim, it’s a sobering reminder that year-on-year the cost of cutting-edge smartphones is going up – as is the cost of repairs and replacements when they get damaged. So it’s only natural that people are thinking more and more about how they can protect their investment from harm. Phone cases and screen protectors are some of the common answers, but sometimes you require something a bit more robust. That’s why so many people turn to quality mobile phone insurance.

But how can you determine what makes a good insurance policy? To help make life a little easier, we’ve put together these top tips of what to look out for!

Assess the claim conditions

Each individual insurance policy will be different to the next. It all depends on what the insurance provider is offering! But what is important to understand is the terms and conditions surrounding claims and repairs – because some policies will only allow for a specified number of claims, and some will have disqualifying conditions that you may not even be aware of.

Whilst not every provider will offer unlimited claims and repairs on their policy, that doesn’t mean that you can’t find a policy that does promise unlimited protection for your device. It may just require a bit more searching and scrutiny to find the right insurance provider.

Look for good customer service

Whether it’s a smashed screen, water damage or an unforeseen mechanical fault, damaging your precious device is extremely frustrating. So the last thing you’ll want is an insurance provider with poor customer service, making the issue harder to resolve. When looking for an insurance policy, it’s a good idea to check that the provider has an in-house customer service team so you can avoid delays and being bounced from one automated message to the next.

Decide if theft cover is for you

Theft is something that most of us don’t have to think about. You may be too careful of a person or may have minimised risks of personal theft by adopting new behaviours, but it isn’t something we can always control. Therefore, you’ll want an insurance policy that prepares and protects you – just in case!

This may mean looking for a slightly more expensive policy, or for bespoke providers, so it’s a decision you’ll have to make to ensure your own peace of mind.

Prepare for slippery situations

If you’ve ever seen your devices take a dip in the bathtub, you’ll appreciate how important it is to look for an insurance policy that covers water damage. It usually comes as standard, but it never hurts to enquire further and ensure that your phone is properly protected.

Smash, shatter, crack

Dropping your phone can lead to a specific kind of panic – especially if your phone lands face down and you’re unsure if any damage has occurred. This is exactly why ensuring that your policy will repair any screen damage for an agreed excess fee should be a priority when searching for a new insurance plan. Because it really will make those moments less painful.

Is accidental damage covered?

You’ll probably understand that preparing for accidental damage is a key theme and consideration when it comes to finding that perfect insurance plan, but we’re going to reiterate it one more time just to be sure.

Whether it’s a phone left on the bus or an accidental drop that causes mechanical failure, make sure your insurance policy is prepped for it and offers comprehensive cover. If not, you could end up facing some hefty repair or replacement costs – especially if you’re known to be a bit accident prone.

Globe trotter? Get worldwide cover!

Again, this one might go without saying but make sure your insurance policy is valid for all locations.

Of course, if you don’t tend to travel – or don’t take your electricals with you when you do – this might not be a core consideration, but as many of us do enjoy venturing abroad, worldwide cover is something that each individual should look for in a policy’s terms and conditions.

Find a flexible contract

If you’re looking to protect your phone but aren’t sure what length of contract you need, looking for a fully flexible provider is a must. This means that rather than committing to a 12 or 18-month insurance plan, you’ll pay for your protection on a month by month basis – meaning you’ll have the control to cancel the plan should you get a new phone!

Consider additional insurance needs

Your smartphone is always going to be the primary concern, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be thinking about your other expensive accessories. Some providers will offer a ‘free’ add-on to their comprehensive smartphone insurance policies which will cover your accessories up to a certain price. So if you’re worried about your headphones, chargers or cases getting damaged, look for this added extra to your plan.

Getting an insurance policy that matches your needs is not always as straightforward as it sounds, but with these top tips to refer back to, your decision should be that little bit easier!

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