TUBBR – The new Social Media App is inviting all bloggers and influencers to join the network

Browsing and viewing content on any of the current social networks is becoming less exciting and more interrupting day to day. You end-up getting flooded with content which is not relevant to your interests worthless of your time.

TUBBR has re-approached the way you get connected or share on social networking; by having the total Control from you. It is a fun & awesome app that enables you to connect with the individuals of your choice to share stories, photos, and videos on various things that interests you!

TUBBR is designed to push relevance on social networks by offering a platform in which people can share stories and then collaborate with others of like minds. TUBBR can also be used personally, as an influencer or to participate within communities through the segregated timelines, providing more than the conventional social networking platforms. This platform is not not only designed as a networking environment, but also to provide very influential platform when it comes to connecting people and marketing.

It is possible to create connections with the targeted and relevant audiences, so you will get instant results from your communication with the relevant audiences. If you are bloggers or influencers you can use TUBBR to promote your site to the relevant audience. The promotion of websites on TUBBR will surely have branded imagery. You can run contests and giveaways with TUBBR to get new “likes” and customer contact information.

I am now using TUBBR to promote my website content with tech fans via a tech wall. When considering marketing, TUBBR has major advantage over traditional social networks as your timeline will never be bombarded by worthless marketing spam. Another great advantage is that TUBBR is ad-free and will not make phone slow with lots of ads populating your timeline.

TUBBR is inviting all influencers and bloggers to join the network! When you get lucky, your Content will be featured in the app as well.

Here’s the app download link: https://kgu5g.app.goo.gl/rBUc

(or find TUBBR on Google Play Store & App Store)

You can create your account using TUBBR ACCESS CODE: NLCE98

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