Online learning a technological hurdle

As with the outbreak of Covid19 and the shift to online learning from grade one right through to the university level students and teachers have gone through arguably the worlds most extensive technological upgrade.  Legacy textbooks were converted to pdfs and distributed.  Online testing platforms and screen sharing apps have flourished not to mention every single method and brand of online digital communication known to man.  So, what of all this change.

Well the first thing that students are struggling with is trouble shooting these IT challenges.  Whether it is Google Classroom not working or something as simple as their microphone not working from their laptop.  Parents have also had similar challenges migrating their office to their home office but that’s a story for another day.  The most important thing for students to realize is the that technological issues they are facing are part of a new learning curve that is required learning and here to stay long after the pandemic is over.  The jury is out on what will revert back to the old way and what is here to stay.  There may be long term benefits to social distancing.

The second challenge students around the world are facing is one that has always been here but now more than ever arguably exaggerated and brought to the forefront with distance learning and that is that students need more help than ever.  Maybe it is because parents are more involved and aware of how much their kids are struggling because they are right in front of them as opposed to sulking in the back of class in a hoodie.  Either way we see them now and we want to help.  Well the first thing we would recommend is getting them a tutor.  Whether they need a math tutor, english tutor or science tutor getting them the extra help online and when there is a brief break in the flash of covid and social distancing is permitted get them the help they need.  We should not look down on our kids for needing extra help after all this is the longest snow day in history.

There are many things that a tutor can help students with online.  They can work on math problems together via any number of screen sharing apps or work on there English essays using Microsoft word.  Let’s face it the public school system is trying its best and private schools are no better any more either.  They might act like they are trying a little bit harder because of their tuition fees and looking the other way is not only customary it is the thing of legends we should be armed and ready to help get our kids the one on one help they need.  You would be amazed at what one student and one tutor working together for hours on end can achieve.  Is it expensive well that depends on your perception.  Its cheaper than buying a new Toyota but not as cheap as buying a sandwich at subway.  But what they learn from a tutor stay with them for years to come.

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