The Importance Of A Well-Designed Reception Area

First impressions are powerful. That reality goes beyond meeting new people and into how consumers initially view a company or brand from their first interaction with the entity. If the impression or experience is unpleasant, it can sway potential clients or customers away from the business and even keep them from returning.

One critical aspect of making a great first impression is the features incorporated into the reception area. Just like having an appealing and functional homepage on the company website, this in-person setting needs to be streamlined to ensure a pleasant interaction. Below, we’ll briefly go over a few of the key features a well-designed lobby or reception area should
have to create a positive and welcoming visitor experience.

First things first, there should always be some sort of receptionist to greet people as they enter.

Necessary for communicating instructions, an employee or a self-check-in kiosk is essential to avoid confusion or possible awkwardness. Even a map of the building’s layout could go a long way in helping visitors feel more relaxed.

Tied in closely with this is giving a warm greeting to everyone who enters. Generally, a standard greeting — such as one used with professional phone etiquette — ought to be include a welcome, mention of the company name and even the name of the receptionist. Establishing a standard like this helps guests feel more relaxed and know they’re in the correct location.

Another way to help communicate this message is through branded signage. With distinguished brand logos throughout the reception area, visitors may rest assured knowing they aren’t in the wrong place. These branding elements also work to form a more cohesive, impactful aesthetic for the space when considered carefully ahead of time. There is a wide variety of customizable
yet high-quality signage available to ensure the design or materials used flow elegantly with the interior.

The visitor’s comfort should always be a top priority. That extends to the seating furniture and amenities offered as well. An uncomfortable chair in a dull space can make the experience deficient, no matter the encounter or quality of service that follows. Because of this, investing in ergonomic, stylish seating is a sound course of action. The same goes for offering free Wi-Fi, refreshments and other amenities to make the lobby as welcoming as possible.

Lastly, any space would be incomplete without natural features. Time-tested options include plenty of natural sunlight, an assortment of greenery, fresh scents, calming music and running water. These sensory elements converge to build an inviting space that puts visitors at ease and leaves them with a positive first impression.

Looking for additional pointers on designing a welcoming reception area? Check out the accompanying resource for further information.
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