Review – Web Hosting Company with NVMe SSD server space

I came across this web hosting company and purchased 2 packages from different geographic zones. So I thought of writing a honest review that would help my loyal blog readers. Most of us are not aware of what NVMe means. NVMe was developed from the ground up specifically for SSDs to improve throughput and IOPS while reducing latency and increasing NVMe SSD speeds overall.

Speed is the obvious advantage of SSD Hosting. So what will happen if the NVMe technology is implied in web hosting? Sites hosted on PanelSecure’s NVMe SSDs are 300% faster page loads than sites hosted on a normal HDD server.

Today you can avail the benefits of quality hosting service with NVMe-SSD server space at at an affordable price, at any of your preferred Geographic Zones. Starting at a price of $17 per year, we can enjoy the SPEED of NVMe-SSD server space. Now your websites will respond faster, database read and write more quickly, and content will be delivered to the user at blazing speeds.

You can manage and host upto 5 websites with their FREE WHM Reseller Control Panel and each website will have its own individual cPanel. The price is so cheap. For a package of 5 cPanel accounts it costs only $17 per year. When you purchase a package of 5 cPanel accounts initially and after a month if you want add more domains to your existing WHM reseller panel, then the cost of $17/year will remain on its initial billing cycle and the upgrade will remain on a different billing cycle. This is like pay-as-you-grow plan. In that case resellers can purchase the basic package and continue upgrading their account when they need additional accounts and those additional packages will be on separate billing cycles, so that the resellers do not have to renew the upgrades when they renew their initial package. So you as a reseller will have enough and more time to pay your hosting bills in split payments.

At the time of this writing, when I visited I found that PanelSecure provides web hosting services at 15 geographic locations. PanelSecure has chosen 15 Top-tier, ISO certified data center locations across the globe to ensure access to the major business areas in America, Europe, and Asia. Each data center is designed to the highest specifications for premium bandwidth, performance, reliability, and security.

Why is the price of each hosting package so affordable, are there any hidden fees?

The web hosting industry is changing and evolving every day, and so is the field of technology. You can find numerous advancements in technology which includes compression, speed, scaling, performance, storage, and security. These technological advancements is what makes PanelSecure to offer cheap hosting service. They have been in hosting industry for more than a decade and they really know what they are doing. All USD prices offered on their website are final and will not have any hidden fees. Now it is the time for you to try PanelSecure and share your experience in the comments below πŸ™‚

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