HELMET VISION VR headset – designed to reduce motion sickness

In Virtual Reality, motion sickness is truly one of the most arising negative side effects, the signs and symptoms of which include headaches, fatigue, dizziness, nausea, and also strange feeling of discomfort. In some situations, some VR users will also experience these.

You can find some theories that explain why motion sickness arises: eye movement, sensory conflict, evolutionary and also postural uncertainty theories. You will need to know each of them when trying to use VR devices, as they show you a good awareness of why our bodies react negatively to VR.

Technology invented by the HELMET VISION Company in virtual reality has solved the issue of motion sickness symptoms. Helmet Vision has come with the top quality and very clear focus lenses in such a 3D virtual reality glasses. You will easily focus with the turn of a dial that adapts to your natural vision. These useful features give you protection eliminating any eye strain that induce pain.

This VR built with Large FOV, 4K video playback support, and crystal clear optics that allow not only to enjoy smoothness and also color of image, but also to get a great sensation in the atmosphere of virtual reality.

HELMET VISION 3D Viewing glasses also equipped with premium quality memory sponge, soft material that can reduce the amount of pressure around your face, eyes and on your head, giving you relaxed feeling. The adjustable and flexible headband fit flawlessly for various people. Heat dissipation system and breathable fabric in HELMET VISION can maintain your comfort.

You don’t need a phone or even any other device to wear it. It comes with a built in Wi-Fi so that you can either stream 360-degree video or even download it and store it on this VR device. With HELMET VISION, you will feel immersed in the VR atmosphere. It’s amazing. Due to the built in Wi-Fi, this is certainly a standalone VR device. SD card enables you to store your favorite videos or games

HELMET VISION is really elegant, compact, simple, easy, and safe to use. For this reason, even anyone with the technology challenged can use this VR headset immediately without being concerned with motion sickness.

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