Why Your Business Needs a PABX

Running your business productively in an extremely aggressive worldwide market means that you must take the major benefit wherever you can, especially to face your business competitors. Communication is one of the essential aspects to the growth of your business. The great importance of communication in running a business should never be taken for granted.

By making investment in an excellent and leading-edge PABX systems Dubai for your business, you will be sure that your company can reach its full opportunity and keep your clients happy with better customer service. When thinking about buying such a system, you may already know what crucial investment in the business it will be. Keeping that in mind, you simply must think about the many aspects and features you can get with the various kinds of systems. This will help you in making the right decision for the communication needs of your company. Making the effort to perform in depth research and consult with experienced people can considerably help you in your ultimate decision regarding the good telephone system to maintain your business’s communication needs.

PABX system includes features such as: unified voicemail messaging, auto attendant, call presence, call conferencing, call recording, IVR, call recording, and soft phone with receptionist system. A single function that is really popular on PABX systems is the hands free speaker. This feature allows the people to continue with work while they are receiving calls. It also enables the person dial a number and not has to pick up the receiver, and it makes it possible conference phone calls to be shared. All PABX system have included this popular and well known feature , with the intention to keep updated with new advancements , offering their clients with the most recent technology .

Depending on the type of telephone lines available; a feature which allows you to transfer calls might seem simpler than it is actually. You should make sure that you have the good PABX phone system that is connected with the right telephone lines so that you can use this feature. If you are to invest in the PABX system to build a more professional image for your business while streamlining your customer satisfaction, then you must do it properly.


Beside PABX, you will also find a new advancement in the telephone system known as IP PBX. It is telephone network within a business that enables free calls to be made between the users (internal calls). Phone calls to outside of the network can also be done, but they will certainly not be free. IP PBX calls are built with VoIP, so even if external calls are not free, they are still much cheaper when compared with regular phone calls.

IP PBX offers various features such as call transfer call queuing, voicemail, voice menus, call recording, etc. When a company wants to install an IP PBX system, they need an IP PBX server, softphones or one or more IP and a gateway (for external calls).

If you are running a business you will want to take the chance to save costs, so investing on PABX system or ip telephone system Dubai can help reduce your monthly phone bill.

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