What’s the Best Material? National Floors Direct Looks at Your Options for Your Next Commercial Flooring Installation

In addition to providing a wide range of direct-to-consumer residential carpet and flooring sales and installation services, National Floors Direct has established itself as a national leader in the commercial flooring industry. The company’s team of commercial flooring experts can guide any business, government agency, or nonprofit organization to the best flooring material options on the market today.

Finding the Right Commercial Flooring for You

It should go without saying that different organizations are bound to have different commercial flooring needs. A hair salon, for example, will have flooring needs that differ quite dramatically from those of a fashion boutique.

But whether you are installing flooring in a hospital or a public library, you will want to define each room’s primary purpose and function. Then, ask yourself a few basic, practical questions, such as…

How much foot traffic will your flooring receive?
Will your flooring be subject to tracking natural elements such as dirt, rain, or snow?
Will you need to roll or otherwise move heavy items or equipment across your floor?
What are the risks of spilling and staining?
Will you need to regularly disinfect your flooring in order to maintain a sterile environment?

You will also want to address specific aesthetic concerns when choosing your flooring. For example, a resort or spa will want to install highly comfortable flooring that contributes to a relaxing atmosphere. On the other hand, a daycare center will generally want flooring that is quite lively and colorful.

Your Commercial Flooring Options

After thoroughly assessing and evaluating your flooring needs, you are ready to investigate various commercial flooring options with your unique requirements and criteria in mind. National Floors Direct offers the most popular choices for most commercial purposes include…

Commercial Carpet – Comprised of extremely strong fibers, commercial carpet typically has a significantly higher density construction and lower pile height than commercial carpet. This makes it far more durable and, ultimately, an extremely economical choice for many institutions and businesses. For many commercial environments, the comfort and vibrancy of carpet are an absolute must.

Commercial Hardwood – Like commercial carpet, commercial hardwood offers extra durability compared with residential flooring products. Specifically, it is treated with state-of-the-art finishing techniques that hardens its wear surface to bear heavy foot traffic while resisting scratches and dents. Great for upscale commercial spaces, hardwood flooring adds an abundance of elegance and style that accentuates decor.

Commercial Luxury Vinyl – In addition to offering exceptional durability and ease of care, commercial luxury vinyl comes in a range of water-resistant and entirely waterproof forms. Consider this choice for areas welcome visitors from the outdoors and other areas that might be subjected to considerable moisture. Many commercial luxury vinyl products mimic the look of hardwood or stone.
To Learn More

For more information about commercial flooring and how to choose a flooring option that is ideal for your organization, contact a representative of National Floors Direct today. A highly knowledgeable flooring expert is waiting to answer any questions that you might have about commercial carpet, hardwood, and luxury vinyl. Reach National Floors Direct by phone at 1-888-400-FLOOR (3566) or fill out the digital contact form on the company’s official website.

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