What is a SaaS Application?

SaaS is a subscription-based licensing mechanism. The user can use a browser or an API to access the service. The service provider is solely responsible for its support. The SaaS model, to put it simply, is when a client works online with a ready-made solution. He pays for access and gets a fully functional tool as soon as feasible.

SaaS service is a single software code provided for the use of customers. They access the system through the network and can change the settings at their discretion. The service is maintained entirely by the service provider, and the user only works in it.

The popularity of this model is growing annually. Last year alone, the SaaS market grew by 21.7%. According to experts, this trend will continue in the coming years. It is not surprising because, in this way, users have access to modern technology with virtually no effort on their part.

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What are the primary benefits of SaaS Applications?

The benefits of saas factory aws include:

  • No loss of data due to failures. If the power goes out, the Internet goes down, the user’s computer crashes, or the program crashes, this will not affect the safety of the data entered. All because the data is stored on a remote server in the cloud;

  • Access to the program from any device. You only need the Internet and a gadget to open the program and start working remotely or in the office;

  • Collaborative work. Several users can work simultaneously in one document, project, or program directory. Such joint access accelerates the execution of team tasks;

  • Timely updates. Users do not need to check if a new version of the program is available and then look for the person who installs it. SaaS updates automatically;

  • Using amateur rather than professional equipment. The SaaS platform doesn’t require a lot of memory or powerful servers, so the company doesn’t need to spend on advanced computers. Instead, employees can work on amateur devices.

Why SaaS has taken over the world

Small companies don’t usually have extra hands. But when you buy an application, someone has to maintain it, update it, make backups, etc. In the SaaS model, these administrative tasks are taken care of by the service provider.

Another important thing is that the user is now used to having his data available from different devices: a laptop, a tablet, a smartphone, constantly in sync. Local software is not suitable for this. So there has to be a service that can be accessed anywhere. That’s what SaaS provides.

How to Build SaaS Application on AWS?

Features of saas on AWS

Features of building saas applications:

  • Maintenance. Updating and maintenance of SaaS software is the owner’s responsibility – the copyright holder, not the one who uses it. If something goes wrong with the program – an error occurs, the server hosting the program files crashes, or the database becomes outdated, the service owner will deal with it;

  • Remote access. It can be used remotely from anywhere in the world. Several users have access to the workspace and files. A team of employees can simultaneously work on a project, make changes, or comment on each other’s work;

  • Trial version. SaaS platforms offer free trial access with limited functionality for clients to familiarize themselves with the program functions and tools. However, even the essential parts are sufficient to understand if the program interface is comfortable to use and if a subscription is worth buying;

  • Updating. When a new version of the application is released, it is installed for all users. It is impossible to refuse or skip the update if you suddenly do not like the new version or something in it seems inconvenient. This is because the application’s program code is the same for all users. Even if the platform offers individual settings for an additional fee, this only concerns the interface or tools but not the program code itself.

Aws saas examples

Many vendors in the cloud market, from tiny vendors that create a single application to giants with a large assortment of cloud services. Here are examples of some of them:

  • CRM systems: Salesforce;

  • email services: Google;

  • Editors of text and graphic files: GoogleDocs, Adobe;

  • site builders: WiX, Setup;

  • information storage: Google Disk;

  • video and audio applications: YouTube, SoundCloud;

  • web analytics tools: Google Analytics;

  • management systems: 1C, SAP.

How does the AWS saas architecture work?

It all works through the cloud: all program files are located on a remote server, and users access the application via the Internet.

You can open SaaS in any browser and on any computer, smartphone, or tablet. The main thing is to have an Internet connection.

To get started, users:

  • Register on the platform;

  • Receive a login and password;

  • Pay a subscription fee;

  • Gain access to the program.

If necessary, the service is integrated with other programs. To do this, they use APIs, which programmers use to connect SaaS and other software.

How much does it cost to build SaaS application?

SaaS services use the following types of tariffs:

  • Free – provides free access, but users will see ads inside the SaaS workspace;

  • fixed subscription fee – gives full access to the service by paying an annual or monthly subscription;

  • by number of users – the price depends on the number of people who will use the service at the same time within the subscription;

  • storage fee – the client has free access to the service but must pay for storing information over the limit;

  • postpaid – payment is charged at the end of the period for the actual use of the resource;

  • price per set of functions – the service offers different tariffs, which differ according to the location of options: the more of them, the more expensive the tax.


The software presented as a service has been around us for a long time. However, both the market and ourselves use SaaS far more often than we realize. And the convenience, simplicity, cost-effectiveness, and other pros of SaaS win the hearts of consumers without having to explain their complex device and the philosophy of the model.

Using SaaS, you do not need to think about technical support. If there is such a problem in the program, you should write to technical support and the SaaS administrators will fix it.

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