What Gets Shoppers in the Door? 4 Factors that Influence Customer Choices

Today’s shoppers desire more than a reasonable price. They want an experience that proves enjoyable and rewarding. To increase traffic, retailers should concentrate on the following four elements.

Pleasant Environment

Make customer experience meaningful. Many shoppers are out for a day, intending to relax and forget about their troubles. They do not want to walk into a cluttered location or one that appears dingy or dark. Instead, concentrate on lulling sounds, boosting lighting and organized shelves.

Major retail stores should also consider how people get around. Carts, for instance, become a necessary item, allowing shoppers to gather many things that could not fit in their hands. When they creak or are hard to push, people cut short the trip. Every detail counts, from purchasing shock isolating casters for the carts to ensuring that displays draw people’s eyes to promising merchandise.

Personal Experience

The online shopper makes decisions independently, not requiring assistance with decisions. The in-store customer, however, may desire more attention. These buyers choose to go inside the establishment because they want one of several things: to examine the product in person or to seek consultation about the item.

Emphasize customer service tailored to the customer needs. Employees should focus on want customers wants, from assisting in outfit design to showing off refrigerator models.

Purchase Flexibility

Online and brick and mortar could work together, and customers may want both from a retailer. The online model permits ease and quickness. Returns, questions and exchanges, though, may occur better in person. Bridge the two, having a solid online website and an attractive storefront.

Reward System

People often enjoy getting a bonus or reward for choosing your place. The system does two things: instills positive feelings toward the shopping experience and encourages future purchases with the retailer. Some sites have instituted their programs, offering people money towards later visits. That free money encourages a quick return–one that may not have occurred without the extra cash.

Appeal to customers through several avenues. Design a store that people want to visit and combine it with personal service, online availability and reward systems.


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