What Does a Selfie Ring Light Do?

Selfie ring lights are the latest in the selfie game. This type of product has become popular in recent years and is something that many people are looking for to buy online or in shops at the moment.

A selfie ring light illuminates a subject with gentle, direct illumination, minimizing most shadows. When taking a photo utilizing a ring light, place the camera lens in the middle of the ring to ensure that your subject is equally illuminated from all angles.

A lot of these products tend to be used by YouTubers who do beauty vlogs, but it can also be an excellent item if you want some extra lighting on your face when taking selfies or videos with friends. In this article, we will look at selfie ring lights and what they can do.

What Is a Selfie Ring Light?

selfie ring light usually attaches to any smartphone via a clamp or clip mechanism. Other than smartphones, some clips even work with tablets as well! There are also other models which attach with suction cups.

Some selfie ring lights have different brightness settings while others don’t, so be sure to check this before making an order if it’s important for you.

What Does a Selfie Ring Light Do?

A selfie ring light is great for having some extra lighting in your photos or videos. Instead of using the built-in flash on most smartphones, you can use this instead to make sure that there are no harsh shadows in your pictures/videos with people.

Another good reason you should get yourself one of these is that it’s cheaper than buying an external light, which would cost way more money! You will also not have any additional wires when using a selfie ring light either since they are usually wireless and rechargeable via USB cable.

Selfie ring lights are not only helpful in taking pictures of yourself either. You can also use it to help you take a better picture if there is not that much light in the room. Selfie ring lights can also add more depth and saturation to your photos too!

Just remember, though, that these selfie ring lights are usually pretty small, so they don’t give off as much lighting as an external flash would do. They work best when used up close, but if you have any additional lighting from other sources, then this will be great with those too, once again without harsh shadows being cast upon your face!

How to Use a Selfie Ring Light

A selfie ring light is a great way to take better, high-quality photos of yourself. You can also use it to help you take a better picture if there is not that much light in the room, to take product shots for a business, or selfies to post on social media!

To use a selfie ring light:

  • You need to attach it to your phone and then turn on the light.
  • The ring itself will emit a bright white light that is soft and even more so if you get one with additional lighting options such as brightness controls or multiple color temperature settings!

Some selfie ring lights require batteries, while others are rechargeable. Once you attach it to your phone, try taking pictures in different light settings and see how the ring affects them!

The Advantages of Using Selfie Ring Lights

Using a selfie ring light has plenty of advantages! These are some of the main reasons why people choose to use one:

  • The lights are easy to turn on and off.
  • They don’t take up a lot of room in your makeup bag or purse since they’re pretty small.
  • You can get excellent soft quality lighting, even, and it doesn’t cast any shadows, which makes for better pictures!
  • They make your photos look great!
  • Minimizes shadows which make you stand out more in the shot than before.
  • Enhances colors and brightness levels, making them much better for sharing online or even printing off if needed!

It’s quite simple. If you want fantastic-looking photographs, then using a selfie ring light is definitely something worth trying out with all these benefits attached. It’ll be well worth it no matter what type of photographer you happen to be, either amateur or professional alike, who loves taking selfies too!


Selfie ring lights are actually very simple and easy to use, so there’s really no need for an instruction manual in most cases. They’ll minimize shadows in your photos and help you achieve more even lighting, making for better-looking selfies.

Selfie ring lights are awesome if you want high-quality photos with minimal effort needed! They’re also super easy to set up, which is perfect for beginners wanting more out of their selfies without needing years of experience.


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