Typical Mistakes In Podcasting

The duration of your podcast show is actually determined by the kind of information you are likely to share. Statistics reveal the shorter the show, the more likely it will likely be listened to throughout to completion. When your podcast covers Forty five minutes to one hour in total, your listenership may disappear significantly.

Keep in mind, shorter is much better. However, you will have to convey the information necessary by the listener in the period presented.

1. Understand what You Are Discussing

If you attempt to pretend (or even “fake it until you make it”), your current listeners are able to tell pretty quickly. If you want to have a guest on the show to go over a topic you’re not proficient in, you have to get ready in advance and at least possess a basic knowledge of the topic to be talked about.

By picking out some relevant questions before you start your interview, your own listeners should be able to tell you did get ready for the topic of dialogue. However if you simply go into the interview and anticipate your guest to handle the conversation, you might fail (miserably).

2. Never Think Your Audience Understands What You Are Speaking about

This topic goes hand in hand with the previous topic, although with its own little twist. In case you are a professional in a specific subject matter, you have to assume your listener understands less than you are doing on that subject matter. When you talk “above their heads” on the topic, they are going to tune out and you may lose a listener.

Please be sure to reduce and explain a subject or idea in layman’s terms. In case you have a professional on for an interview and you see them talking about something the average individual will not fully grasp, ask them to make clear it in layman’s terms (even though you understand what they are saying).

3. Promote Your Podcast

The most significant mistake the podcasters make is not promoting their podcast! They think, “I just have 6 episodes. I do not want to look like a fool.” However, just by using a podcast, you are now in the 1% of the planet’s population which is sharing information through podcasting! That is one thing to be proud of!

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