Tips On How To Effectively Use A Duck Call

Many waterfowl hunters rave about duck calls. They allow the hunter to draw the ducks close enough to shoot. It takes work learning about the different calls to use. You also need to learn when to use them. Using the call at the wrong time could deter them instead of drawing them closer to you.

Here are a few tips on when to use your JJ Lares duck calls for a successful hunt.

Learn How Ducks Communicate

It’s important to learn how ducks communicate so that you can use the right calls at the right time. Each call will be better used at different situations. Some calls won’t be effective if you use them when they are in flight while others won’t work if you use them when the ducks are at rest in the water. The trick to a good duck call is to make it natural. The closer you sound like the ducks, the easier it is to fool them into coming closer.

Learn The Red Zones

A good call with your JJ Lares call will go to waste if you use it at the wrong time. The call can sound perfect yet still get you caught if you call out when the ducks are in the “red zones”. These are areas where you are in danger of getting spotted by the waterfowl. The best time to call a duck is when there is enough distance between you and them that they won’t spot you in your blind.

Don’t Over Do It

Overusing your duck call is the worst thing you can do. Ducks don’t make never ending noises and neither should you. You should only call out to them to get them to come closer. If you fail to attract their attention with your first call, wait for a bit before trying something else. Never use the same call repeatedly and try to switch up the calls. If you aren’t having any luck with a greeting call, try a pleading call instead.

Don’t use the duck call if there are ducks close by. The duck call is only for getting them close enough to shoot. If you can’t get them close enough to you, you may need to switch to other tactics.

Your JJ Lares calls can be the best tool for duck hunting if used correctly. Take the time to practice your calls and keep these tips in mind the next time you go hunting.

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