The Reasons to Choose Engineered Oak Flooring

Let’s take a look into the reasons why engineered oak flooring has become a superior product for many homeowners. The primary reason why homeowners will choose oak floors is that they like the ageless natural beauty that this European oak has to offer.

What most homeowners are not aware of is that the top layer of engineered oak flooring is exactly the same quality European oak as you might find in oak wood flooring. Therefore when theinstallation is complete, it appears and feels the same and a growing number of consumers are of the opinion that they like the look of the wider and longer planks that most engineered wood floors can offer. So, high quality engineered oak flooring will appear the same, however will it really be durable?  The durability of a floor can last is usually down to something known as ‘wear layer’. The element of the floor which is considered as the wear layer is in the surface of the plank down to the tongue and on a solid oak board this might be around 6-7 mm.

Today, the wear layer that can be found on engineered timber flooring is the top layer of oak. If you buy Engineered Timber Flooring Melbourne that includes a 6-7 mm solid oak top layer it will certainly make the flooring last durably. Therefore if you need engineered flooring that will be as durable as traditional solid oak flooring then ensure that it comes with a good thick top layer, preferably 5 mm+.

Installing the floor is also another aspect which is worth considering when you compare the two varieties of oak flooring. Nearly all engineered timber floors are wider and longer than the majority of solid oak planks as this is the design that many consumers are seeking today. The flooring getting wider and longer means the floors are easier to fit. Another factor which makes this floor much easier and quicker to install is how well manufactured the boards are. Based on our experience in this industry we have got nothing but excellent reviews concerning how quick this engineered flooring was to install, and this depends on how well manufactured the boards are. Considering the fact that engineered flooring is easier and quicker to install, any extra cost which is invested on buying an engineered oak floor is usually compensated in the time which is saved installing it! This can be something to make note of when you compare prices.

The final benefit of engineered timber flooring over solid oak flooring is that an engineered oak flooring is more eco-friendly. The plywood which is used is made from fast growing softwoods that are plentiful and this is exactly what the bottom side of engineered timber flooring is made of. Because of this far less of our valued oak, that has consumed more than 100 years to grow, is much more eco-friendly flooring.

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