The Demand for Quality Event WiFi

Now more than ever, 4G has become an almost omnipresent feature in many towns and cities across the world that diminishes the need for WiFi. But, if you are currently planning an event for your company or business, ensuring that there is wireless internet access available for delegates, attendees, and guests to use can make a colossal difference to how happy they will be and what they can achieve.

4G vs. WiFi

Relying just on 4G alone sometimes pose more hassle than what it is worth. For starters, there is the possibility that the network will experience problems and even if they don’t, having too many users trying to access a single network from a specific location may only mean that the internet content will also load even more slowly, if it loads at all. Aside from that, it is also worthy to note that if people count the pennies they spend just to get online, it reduces the chance that they will spend their remaining cash on your business.

The cost of offering WiFi access for free to attendees will be relatively lower compared to the cost of every person using their personal allowance of mobile data. With the very limited access to 4G in most areas and with many people not willing to consume their allowance for the month in a very short span of time, WiFi has so much more to offer than flexibility alone. In fact, there are a lot of experts in event planning who recommended that offering WiFi should already be as common as giving away pens or water for free at events.

Stand Out from the Rest with Event WiFi

Providing internet access for free at any event may be a great selling point as well. These perks that may seem small can make a crucial difference to businesses and individual who are still on the fence as to what event they will attend.  The event WiFi via is something that can help you stand out from other events and make you the first choice of key audiences.


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