The Best Software Applications Used in Transportation

Managing transportation logistics in an enterprise is no easy feat, and it needs timely decision making, top-notch management skills, and detailed precision. All these factors have been made easy to attain by the latest tracking software, which can easily handle all diverse requirements in the transportation sector. Most, if not all, transportation companies agree that transport management software tools are amust-have in today’s competitive business arena.

In addition, choosing the best transportation software has also become extremely overwhelming these days due to the fact there are so many providers to choose from. Of course, every dispatch you come across promises to drive down your firm’s operation costs and boost productivity beyond your wildestdreams: but which products are the best?

Below is a list of the best software applications used in transportation companies. Browse through the list and see if any of them is a great fit for your trucking firm’s needs.

  1. MyRouteOnline

Track the route your trucks and other company vehicles follow using this stout transportation management tool. The transportation management system feature integrated into thisapplication will ensure that all vehicles in your firm never go out of your sight. This, in turn, allows you to employ measures that improve deliveries and the productiveness of your employees.

  1. Axon Trucking Software

The capabilities of this transportation management software include accounting, maintenance, and dispatch.  All TLT/Truckload carriers, as well as livestock, auto, oilfield, and heavy load haulers, will find this tool very valuable.

Better yet, Axon (the app’s designing company) has been a renowned software developer for the trucking sector since 1982. Previous customers of the Axon Trucking software have pointed out that the tool’s real-timeintegration with other transportation programs allows clients to cut down administrative time by up to 50%. Feel free to try out the software’s free Demo to check whether it works for your needs.

  1. ePROMIS TMS System

Is your firm having a hard time maintaining a record for all other sorts of transportationactivities? Take help from the mighty ePROMIS ERP, which has been voted the leading transport management system several times.

After the successful implementation of this leading software in your enterprise, your teams will be able to deliver impressive results on work order management as well as accounting, IFTA reporting, maintenance, and dispatch.

  1. ITS Dispatch

This software application is designed for small to mid-sized freight brokers, carriers, and owner-operators. Its capabilities include accounting, load bidding, fleet maintenance, IFTA reporting, and Dispatch.

Another cool feature included in this product is the fact you can replace ITS Dispatch’s logo on the application with your firm’s logo, giving the application a more branded look for your employees and clients.

This software also includes a truckstop mobile app that permits dispatcher and drivers to communicate effectively and share load documentations. You can find the application on the GooglePlaystore.

  1. Prophesy

If you’rean LTL and Truckload carrier, freight broker, private fleet, or owner-operator, I urge you to try out this software application whose capabilities include IFTA reporting, safety compliance, load planning, communication, dispatch, and accounting.

Prophesy’s developer boasts more than two decades’ experience serving the truck transportation industry. Throughout the 20 years-plus period, the firm has expanded its collection of trucking, broker, and shipping software to include the Windows platform.

Even better, Prophesy’s affiliated AccellosOneSkyTrack Mobile application provides real-time shipment and GPS data. You can also find this application on Google Playstore.

  1. Transport Pro

As the leading TMS system software application, Transport pro will lend a helping hand to small-medium sized trucking and logistics companies to ensure prompt and safe delivery of consignments. With the integrated functionalities of this hard-to-beat transportation system, your firm can easily track the movement of each vehicle at all times.

  1. TMW systems

Designed for carriers, private fleets, oilfield services, freight brokers, and the waste management industry, TMW can act as a transportation management, bid management, fleet maintenance, accounting, or dispatch software.

TMW’s Business Intelligence Platform also comes with industry related data models that have been put in place to assist Truckload companies in measuring driver performance, asset maintenance, fuel savings, and so much more. To check whether the application is a good fit for your business, try out the Free Demo trial version.

There is also a free mobile app that allows your firm’s dispatchers and drivers to share information.

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