Signs That You Need To Repair Your Septic

Residential and commercial septic systems are built to last. They rarely need to be replaced, but septic damage can happen — especially in older systems.

It’s important to watch for signs of an issue with your septic system, so you know when you need to call for repairs. With that in mind, here are a few common signs of septic damage you should watch for.


If your septic starts to smell… well, like septic — something has gone wrong.

Septic tanks can develop cracks or leaks when they’re put under stress. That can be caused by shifting grounds over time, plant growth, or even by heavy vehicles parked on top of them.

When your septic tank starts to leak, you’ll notice a smell around your home. This is generally a sign of serious damage, so don’t put off calling the best septic company in your area.

Weak flushing

Have you noticed that the toilets in your home or building are flushing a little slower than usual? That’s a good sign that something has gone wrong with your septic.

Leaks, clogs, and cracks in the pipes or septic tank can affect the flushing power of your toilets. If you notice this problem in your home, call a septic engineer right away.

Pooling water

When serious damage occurs to your septic system, like a burst pipe or a crack in the tank, you might see water coming up from underground.

If you do see a sudden puddle in your yard, don’t touch it — it’s probably wastewater. Stop using your septic system and call a septic repair company as soon as possible.

In most cases, a leak of that size means that your septic tank needs to be completely replaced.

When in doubt, call for repairs

If you ever notice anything unusual related to your septic system, the safest thing to do is bring in a septic repair specialist.

It’s always worth it to make sure your septic system is functioning safely and reliably — otherwise, you might find yourself dealing with a more expensive problem later on down the road.

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