Saajal – The best anonymous review platform for your businesses and organizations

Each and every business requires an online complaint platform that can provide multichannel features, innovative reporting uses and also a system for cross-functional collaboration and also quick customer opinions system.

Complaint management is definitely the technique of managing, handling, answering, and also reporting consumer complaints. This technique needs a efficient strategy and frequent monitoring to make sure speedier resolutions.

Today, customers are trying to approach you from almost everywhere, which means you need complaint tracking platform with multichannel features to respond faster to their queries. Saajal can gathers all support tickets from various channels and arranges them in one tab, to help your staffs respond to all of them.

Every time a customer submits the complaint, it must be routed to the suitable person or department. Although this process can be performed manually, it will increase the risk of delays. Systemize this method with your complaints handling platform can help your team to solve each problem faster.

With a large team, rush and also confusion might be very common without having a proper customer complaint platform in place. Complaint management platform, like Saajal, has a set of features which are specifically made to make office collaboration much easier. Saajal also uses SSL for end to end encryption to receive and send message through their platform.

Automations from Saajal will not just stop at making the processes easier and simpler. It also can help you determine your business processes which align with your business.

Platform from Saajal helps you with defining your processes online and also keeps all the decision makers and stakeholders informed. This innovative automation offers quicker resolution by working together with several departments internally. By using the platform, you get full visibility on the transitions and progress of the process, and also a very clear picture on when the problem will be fixed. This online platform can be used easily, and all the relevant actions will be prompted without missing a detail.

For Consumer Running Businesses

  • Register your organization or business by signing up at Their team will contact and also verify your company details.
  • They give you a web page and also the dashboard and publish your web page to the search engines for the review page visibility.
  • You may also share your Saajal link to the customers on the social media to help your customers informed that your business is currently able to receive anonymous opinions.
  • Login to the dashboard to check all the comments, ratings, compliments and complaints.
    You may immediately handle their issues, send a thanks note, or even inform them the improvements that have been done relevant to their feedback

Frequent tracking and also better feedback are crucial for building a customer complaint management. Such features in Saajal enable managers to monitor the help desk activities and also get specific feedback from the customers.

Managers can check out dashboards and detailed reports to assess the volume of traffic, average feedbacks and also resolution times for each staff to the customer feedback. Managers can easily schedule and generate custom reports and check the dashboards for much deeper analysis and also well-informed decision making.

You have a lot of choices to make with regards to complaint management software and it might be better to understand the functionalities along with the value of the product that will serve your needs the best. If you run a small business, you may even try this online complaint tracking software.

The complaint management software from Saajal offers free memberships for small business. You can even evaluate and compare by taking a look at pricing plans prior to making a decision.

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