Review of Glidecraft hoverboard

You might want to tell mom and dad to get you one. The newer models are perfectly safe now, especially those with a UL Certification. Help them find the best one too, so they’ll have peace of mind.

Look for a self-balancing electric scooter with a durable shell, the right-sized tires and a UL certified battery. You should also make sure the charger you used comes from the manufacturer. You should also promise mom and dad that you’ll wear protective gear – helmet, knee pads, elbow pads or wrist guards. When taking your hoverboard for a ride at night, you should also promise to wear a pair of Glidekicks LED light up shoes for better visibility.

Don’t forget to practice with caution and safety. Wear protective gear and asked a friend who knows how to ride a hoverboard to help you out or teach you the basics. You should also ask them to catch you when you fall. Once you get the hang of it, riding a hoverboard will be a breeze.

What if mom and dad asks what you need a hoverboard for?

Helps you finish your chores quickly

When you vacuum the floor on your all new Glidecraft hoverboard, you cover more area in a short amount of time. And you won’t even need to cut corners. The same thing is true when you’re organizing your bedroom or dusting stuff. When you need to run some errands, you can also accomplish them quickly when you ride a hoverboard. It’s a win-win situation.


Gets you out of the house

Between playing video games and taking your self-balancing electric scooter for a spin, parents are likely to choose the latter. Don’t they always tell you to go out and have some fun? You can take your hoverboard down at the beach and do some stunts. The sand will provide you with a soft cushion while practicing. Go out during the daytime and you’ll have that much needed Vitamin D. Going down to the beach is also a great opportunity to meet new friends.

Go for a night ride

When was the last time you went out to watch the stars in the night sky? Taking your hoverboard for a night ride is your best excuse. Invite some of your friends to ride down the board walk, enjoy the sights or watch the lights that dominate the skyline. A night ride with friends will provide you with an entirely different experience than doing it in broad daylight. Find an open space where you can alternate between performing stunts and enjoying the peace and quiet.

If you decide to ride on sidewalks and public roads, avoid crowded areas and make sure you are highly visible to motorists. Wear hi-vis clothing or a pair of light up shoes, which will make you look even cooler on your self-balancing electric scooter.

Present a great argument with your mom and dad with these reasons. They’re likely to agree on the household-chores part, which is good news. Check out important specs when shopping for a hoverboard, such as the weight of the self-balancing electric scooter, minimum and maximum weight limit, speed and warranty.

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