Reuben Singh : Learning how he achieved his success

vgt5Choosing a successful entrepreneur and learning how they realized his success is actually interesting and really helpful. This may also be surprising. Usually the way a person gained success is not the things you would expect. Most of the successful entrepreneurs have gone on a circuitous path to reach where they are now.

An outstanding example is gained success, Reuben Singh who is the CEO for award winning phone answering and also back office company located in Salford, Birmingham, UK.

It is a very successful company, but it was not his first business. Reuben Singh initiated his entrepreneurial role at a really young age. In 1995, he started his first company known as Miss Attitude. He was 19 years old. 3 years later, he sold that company and then made his first millions. Reuben grew to become the youngest millionaire in Britain, and a favorable outcome which was awarded by The Guinness Book of Records.

The truth is that Reuben began to take the skills that he had learnt in a single sector, then implemented them to some other industry, and succeeded in a tremendous way. His current companies are also varied. AlldayPA is really different from a retail accessory for girls and teenagers that you can get.

He is without a doubt branching out with another business. His latest business, Isher Capital, is a Private Equity company that specializes in offering instant access to funding start-ups and also owner managed firms. As before, Reuben is using knowledge and skill gleaned while doing work in a single sector and putting on them to some other field of business.

It is obvious that most of the UK’s successful professionals have objected the need to focus on a single sector. They don’t choose the comfort and ease of the world they know. Actually, they diversify and then when they notice a business opportunity, they always act fast.

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