My Personal Experience when using Logitech Group for Video Conference

Video conference system is being used by many businesses today. The development of this technology is anticipated to rise considerably within the next few years. Much progress has also been made within the past few years in the video conferencing industry. It also makes communicating across the world easier and faster. You will find a lot of applications and advantages for using this highly advanced technology, many of that are being utilized today.

Not only for businesses, Education institutions from high school to a higher education also work with video conferencing for distant learning. This gives the best way for students to reap some benefits from lectures without needing to be in the classroom. Even though you reside in another country, you may get an online education as long as you meet the criteria and also can pay for it.

Our Education institution uses Logitech Group for various solutions, webcams, headsets, and also conference systems. This system helps us to minimize the cost which involves having a expensive conference system, with Logitech GROUP, you just need to connect your computer to the device. You are able to enjoy the quality of video and audio that this device can handle, we work with this system to make live streams as well and it is really friendly to use.

We selected Logitech Group because the cost benefit was excellent when compared with other vendors. We tried several devices before the purchase, and then we found that the quality of these devices is fantastic, the system is easy to handle for users that do not have technical skills in video conferencing industry.

The Logitech Group has become a wonderful solution for video meetups. It has excellent speakers along with the option to use a single or two microphones, according to size of the room, to ensure everyone can hear and be heard. We utilize this for Distance Learning and also for students that have missed a class so that they can study remotely in and watch and participate using Skype. Logitech Group also comes with remote control that help the instructor control the camera to move around the students rather than having the students move around the camera.

This device worked like a charm for me as well as my team. With video conferencing system on the rise in college education, we needed a system which was compatible with many popular video conferencing software. From a budget perspective, we first tried working with video professional devices and the video codec configuration gave us an intense battle. However when we tried Logitech GROUP, I am unable to express enough the gratitude we felt when it worked. There was no complication with configurations. It was a plug and play. We tested the Logitech GROUP using some video conferencing platforms like Google Hangouts, Blackboard Collaborate Ultra, Zoom and YouTube Live.

This is a really powerful conference system for video meetups. The device comes with excellent speakers, and also extended microphones for capturing everyone’s voices. The camera is also superb!
Also, the technical support of Logitech Group is well-prepared and well-trained when you have an problem you may call them. They answer you speedily, we just use this support once or twice, because we don´t have a lot of issues with these devices, the overall performance of these devices is excellent.

If you don´t have sufficient budget to have a good video conference system, Logitech Group can help you to have excellent quality video conferences with outstanding audio quality and also video quality, and the prices of these devices are not so high when compared with other brands, I think is a ideal solution for small or mid enterprises.

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