Know Why Your Car Brakes Squeak

Everyone should be aware that brakes can be a vital safety element for vehicles and that’s the reason why squeaky brakes can potentially make a driver to panic. Oftentimes squeaky brakes might be a cause of real concern as it might indicate that our brakes are getting lousy and also there might not be any reason to be concerned. Nevertheless, it must be taken into consideration here that particular sounds from the vehicle’s brakes are usually normal and are brought on by different conditions. For instance, conditions like serious braking, sandy or dusty conditions and even humidity can lead to a variety of noises from the vehicle’s brakes.

A few of the typical factors behind brake squeaks in a vehicle are the following:

Corrosion on the Rotors

This is certainly common and it has been noticed that disc brakes of vehicle tend to squeak when they are parked outside during the night time. The majority of brakes squeak after parking overnight as the moisture from the dew, rain or even moisture build-up or condensation collects on the rotors. If you find moisture content on rotors, a layer of rust forms on it. The squeaking sound will certainly continue until the corrosion is taken away from the rotors.

Brake Pads: One more reason behind squeaking brakes might be thinning brake pads. This often occurs once the brake pads are worn-out and has turn into very thin. Actually, it is really an helpful alert that the brake pads have been in a poor condition and must be replaced quickly in order that it will not lead to an unfavorable occurrence on the road.

High Metal Content

Many drivers have noticed that high metal content in the brake pads also trigger the squeaking noise. Nevertheless, it is normal that there is several amount of metal in brake pads but some of the inexpensive types are made of high metal content. Actually, big pieces of metal are inlayed into the pad material. Using this method, the big pieces of metal drag on a rotor to result in the brakes to squeak as the vehicle is running.


Oftentimes a squeaking noise in the rear brakes may also be heard right after pressing the brake pedals. What this means is that the shoe-to-backing-plate must be lubricated. After the contact point seems to lose lubrication the metal starts to rust. If such a thing occurs the shoes will certainly scrape from the backing plate, which leads to a squeaking noise as the wheel rotates.

When your car brakes are squeaking, it is advisable to get your car inspected by a reliable vehicle repair shop and get their opinion on the current condition of your brakes and the main reason why they are squeaking. If your car’s brakes need to be replaced you can consider shopping for bakes at Big Brake Kits . Keep in mind, vehicle brakes play a crucial role in sustaining the safety of the car and so it is preferable to be safe than sorry!

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