I Spent the Summer Working for My Rich Aunt

I always knew that my aunt had money, but I never really knew how much she did have until I went to work for her during the summer. Of course the woman is still really attractive and she married a wealthy doctor while she was in college. They have been divorced for some time, not really sure how long. However she became really savvy with money in the meantime, while also having a real knack for taking exactly the right chances. She would play around with the bitcoin era app and I would not think very much about it until one day she had me type up some document for her one day. I soon realized that she was going to borrow a great deal of money and was going to use a large number of bitcoin as collateral for the loan. I asked her if the things were really worth what people were valuing them at and she laughed. Then she bragged about having dumped them at their peak and bought them back at the bottom.

I spent a lot of time going around to apartment complexes as a spy too. That was pretty strange honestly, she was really keen on having the people who rented these places out play by the rules. Apparently she did not want to be thought of as a slumlord, although some of these places were sort of low income apartments. She disliked the idea a lot and wanted to make sure that her employees were being really diligent and treating everyone fairly. At some point I realized that the lowest income places lost money and that this was a way to get out of her tax obligations. That is a big thing with rich people and she had apparently figured out how to use real estate investments to totally avoid paying taxes.

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