How to find a Good VPN Service

How to find the best VPN Service? This is the common question that hit our mind when we are going to buy a VPN Account. We notice that so many providers offer VPN services, but we don’t know how to find the best one.

Nevertheless based on what each individual needs will be a different thing. A few of us need VPN to pass through Internet restrictions and to unblock certain websites , others use VPN to help them watching overseas online TV shows like HULU, BBC, FOX, NETFLIX, NBC , while others just use it anonymity . Basically, a VPN Service will fulfill all these needs.

Today, with the many VPN Providers continually increasing, you will find the basic criteria that you need to consider before choosing the right VPN service.

Here you have some of them:

Server locations

You need to consider the offered server locations (this is crucial because the IP that will substitute yours belong to of the server`s public IP locations; it will enable you to access online platforms provided only in specific locations).

The speed of the VPN connection

It is usually influenced by your range to the server`s area and is directly associated with the Internet performance coming from your ISP. It might be quite frustrating to wait 10 seconds or even more for a page of the website to load. This can be the highest priority aspect in selecting a VPN service.

The VPN Setup process

Many VPN setups need the installation or even setting of very complicated software, although some don’t and are quite easy to configure.


Is the service offered reliable? The credibility comes from the steadiness of the connection. Will it work every day? Is there any downtime? How many times will it happen? You simply cannot feel comfortable online when your VPN disconnects every ten minutes.

The limit on bandwidth

This relates to the traffic given. Some VPN providers offer 10 to 20GB each month while some come with unlimited bandwidth. In case you are a big of P2P, you might be enticed to pick an unlimited bandwidth.

The tech support

You will have to deal with some problems with your accessibility or even a downtime from the server therefore you will require technical support. Is the customers support tech-savvy enough to provide assistance? Do they have good knowledge to fix the technical problems? Are they polite, polite, and also proactive?

VPN protocols

If you concern yourself with the data security then choose an ultra-secure VPN protocol that offers the most sophisticated and secure encryption. Some VPN providers also provide them as standard features. L2TP`s or PPTP`s encryption will work fine for your connection.

The price

once you have checked the criteria above, you can actually do a comparison of the provider`s prices and choose the perfect one for you. Keep in mind: the most costly is not at all times the best and it all would depend of your requirements. Prices usually vary between $2 and $30/month.

Finally, there are many VPN Reviews sites in which you can compare the features for each VPN provider. To begin your search for a VPN provider you may check this list of VPN providers. You will discover the best VPN services there with prices and features for each provider, which enables you to compare among them before you buy the best VPN service for your connection.

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