How to create an eCommerce store using OpenCart?

Assuming you have any programming knowledge, we’re compiling a simplified guide that will assist you install your first online eCommerce store, and handle it effectively and economically.

Picking a platform:

Selection of a stage is dependent upon the function the website would like to serve. For establishing an e-commerce company, OpenCart is a stage you can choose for. Other programs to make an eCommerce store may be Magento, PrestaShop (both need some experience ), Zencart etc..

OpenCart: A Description

OpenCart is an exceptional shopping cart program. It’s a safe e-commerce solution for internet shops that provides us with our very own internet business. It’s a turn-key, prepared,”from the box” shopping cart option.

FAQs about OpenCart:

Why OpenCart?

Safe, secure and totally free platform.

It supports buying in various payment gateways.

Supply tools for backup and restore.

Generates customized reports an essential foundation to learn more on earnings, seen products, and bought products.

Set up guest voucher will facilitate quicker sales transactions.

Supports millions of products, categories, clients, and trades.

Supports multiple currencies, languages, and shops handled from 1 admin interface.

Pre-designed responsive appealing templates are readily available.

What are the hardware and software prerequisites for OpenCart setup?

Installation needed for OpenCart includes an Internet host that follows:

  • An Internet server (preferably Apache)
  • PHP 5.2 or higher
  • MySQL

Benefits of picking OpenCart

Content management: OpenCart includes a rather solid, but easy content management tool for non-product pages in your site.

Administration panel: OpenCart’s management panel is simple enough to work with. It doesn’t incorporate quite a few dead-ends and strange design choices.

The assortment of accessible add-ons/extensions: OpenCart includes a wonderful selection of extensions to the more prevalent qualities you’d wish to improve your store. You can also check for this service-

Online Resources:

Theme templates of OpenCart are easily available online from appropriate sources such as

Your layout template ought to be attractive, attractive and practical so that your clients may enjoy shopping products in your shop.

Quite a few free in addition to paid motif templates are available on the nternet.

Getting Information Ready:

It is possible to personalize your site and upload or delete information based on your needs, in a really easy method. You may handle these functions through your admin panel.

Payment Gateways:

Through payment gateways, making payments is merely a matter of few clicks! Payment options like PayPal, Pay U etc. could be utilized.

It’s possible to find the modules to your payment gateways in the OpenCart site and it is easy to incorporate it with your e-commerce site.

Google Analytics:

This is maybe the most valuable tool for your site. Throughout a Google Analytics account, it is possible to track traffic on your site and get complete info about it. It reveals information such as the amount of people visiting your site, sessions, locations etc.. It is readily accessed through your Google account.

Hope you found this site useful. Have fun shooting your company on the internet!



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