How Dcoderr can help Startups

It has been a rough two years with COVID and many startups are having a tough time surviving. In the midst of all this, there’s a new marketplace on the Internet – an API marketplace called Dcoderr. Dcoderr is offering lower commission rates for the sellers and a premium experience for customers. How does this relate to startups? Well, APIs can be thought of as the life blood of data and AI. With new APIs, startups can get access to more types of data. Data from all sorts of categories including AI, NLP, food, traffic, sports, etc.

If you have an API that you think you can monetize, then this is the best place to put your API on and sell it. Dcoderr offers a simple user interface for both API owners and developers that buy the API. It’s a marketplace at its fundamentals, and the commission is one of the lowest you can find on the web. There are two business models that API owners can use. One is the conventional pay-per-use model that offers a single price for calls. You can ascribe a price like $0.035 per call and accumulate from there. The other model is the pre-pay model which is similar to a subscription model. You can charge a monthly amount such as $50.00 per month for a limited number of calls like 30,000 per month.

The best way to experience Dcoderr is to visit the API marketplace and sell an API if you have one or purchase one of their free plans of an API you like. Dcoderr is on a mission to help software developers have access to the best data and with startups arising every day, APIs are becoming a crucial part of apps and their success. Try Dcoderr and see how an API can take your app to the next level.

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