Growth Hacks To Boost Website Traffic

Organizations, especially startups, are recognizing the importance of focusing their money expenditure on brand exposure. This means the end goal of every strategy should be towards growth.

Competition and digital consumption increase day in and day out. As consumers drown in choices, it becomes more important for business owners to put themselves on the map.

Cementing your footprint in the market is not as hard as you would think. It requires clever strategic thinking of where and when to meet your target audience.

Continue reading to learn more about growth hacks that will turn your user base into millions.

4 Growth Hacks To Drive Traffic To Your Website

Here are 4 growth hack techniques to get you immediate results to leave your competition behind and generate sales.

1.     Self-Promotions With Guest Posting

You want to work towards making yourself and your brand’s name synonymous with the market. To do that, get some exposure with guest posting opportunities and putting up information on communities and forums. You can use this opportunity as free publicity for your brand.

Later on, you can be the one to give backlinks and guest posting opportunities to other budding entrepreneurs. This way, you build more relationships in the industry, opening yourself to a broader customer base.

2.     Integrate With Social Media

If you really want to open the door for more users, then integrate your website with social media platforms.

For instance, signing up customers through Google or Facebook.

With such social media outreach, you can tap into a whole new customer base and increased audience engagement. Social media integration makes it easier for customers and leads to see your new product and share user-generated content. All this works in favor of growth!

3.     Email Newsletters

Despite the rise of social media platforms, email remains one of the fastest-growing marketing channels. They make room for high ROIs, with a 42$ average return for every dollar you spend.

However, sending emails is tricky. You have to provide an opt-in form so that users do not get unasked for emails. It comes off as spammy.

Whatever the email, it should provide value to the consumer. This can be in terms of great content or a one-click process for customers to sign up for your email newsletter.

Your email marketing strategy only works when you have just as good an email list. In case you do not already have one, you can get emails with email finder tools like

This tool gives you an easy way to gather emails of leads from around the world in just seconds!

4.     Create Buzz And Urgency With Strategic Giveaways

To grow your business, you need to generate buzz around your brand and thereby gain traffic. Giveaways can get you there with additional business, and they also help retain customers.

When doing a giveaway, make sure to give away something that is a big-ticket item and relevant to the audience. This can be anything from a huge prize to even spin-a-wheel discount offers.

One of the biggest benefits of such giveaways is that you end up collecting a range of user-generating content. Such content can be used for social proof and, in general, to increase loyalty among customers.

Final Thoughts

Although growth hacks are great for boosting website traffic, these hacks do not work alone. Useful hacking techniques use analytics and automation tools to measure your creativity in business growth skills.

With these simple ways to increase growth, growing your business will be easier for you than ever before.

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