Gala Games Founders Nodes selling like hotcakes

Why are Gala Games Founders Nodes selling like hotcakes? A Gala Games Founder’s Node helps to secure the Gala Games Network. They are owned and operated by users, just like you, from home computers all over the world. By purchasing one of these nodes, you gain the opportunity to receive rewards for your contribution to the network.

This can include GALA tokens, Limited Edition NFTs, and opportunities to help grow the overall ecosystem.​ There will only ever 50,000 Gala Games Founder’s Nodes in existence! They are therefore are selling like hotcakes, over half of the Gala Games Founder’s Nodes have already been sold, and the price of each node is increasing by $100USD for every 100 Gala Games Foudner’s Nodes sold.

The price, as of 19th September 2021 11:44:00 AEST, is $15200USD per Gala Games Founder’s Node and climbing. For more information, and to find out how to buy a Gala Games Founder’s Node, visit:

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