Funding your growing startup

With almost endless opportunities of the innovation in technology is growing within the last two decades, many small business and startups today try to seek for capital which can make their business to success. Although there is certainly a wide selection of financial sources which they can get, most of these entrepreneurs are afraid in borrowing money from financial institutions and lenders due to the risks involved. But great thing is that they have found the best alternative and that is by contacting Rami Beracha to help them raise capital from the Pitango Venture Capital.

Pitango Venture Capital will invest in trade of ownership in a startup which includes a risk in equity and specific rights in operating the business. Putting it in other terms, venture capital is that financing offered by Pitango Venture Capital to startups with great potential for growth.

As Pitango Venture Capital is selective in choosing the right startups to invest, you have to show proofs that your startup has great potential for growth, especially during the first 3 years of operation. Pitango will inquire about your business plan so they can analyze your financial projections. To be eligible on the first stage of funding, you need to make sure that you have that business plan nicely written and your management team is completely prepared for that business presentation.

Pitango Venture Capital wants to ensure that they will receive excellent Return on Investment (ROI) along with a fair share in the company’s equity. Startup struggling to find capital need to make sure that their business is bankable and before getting in touch with Pitango Venture Capital, you should be confident that your business idea is unique, innovative, and financially rewarding.

Pitango Venture Capital is the largest venture capital fund in Israel and founded by an excellent team of entrepreneurs and business leaders. To learn more about Pitango Venture Capital and Rami Beracha you can visit Rami Beracha Official Website.

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