FlowWright – The Next Generation of Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Many businesses today have a tight competition among them, so to be able to compete, businesses must be smart and operate in an effective manner. One of the solutions used by smart companies today is a combination of Business Process Management with Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

What is BPM and RPA and how they can help industries in their operation must be known. Our industrial sectors today try to be the best, associating not only productive labor of a huge numbers of people but also the application of powerful systems for beneficial results quickly. For achieving these, businesses use solutions like BPM and RPA.

Both BPM and RPA play an important part in the industrial sector. BPM is a platform or solution to handle business processes in an easier way while RPA is a technology used to make revolution in businesses. Thus, the combination of RPA and BPM play a role in a cost effective and systematic operation of industries.

RPA will help in achieving a particular goal of a company. It is an important part of human-process where technology helps the business with a virtual workforce. RPA can create and automate a system for your front and back office and empowering functions by using a digital platform.

It works like a robot for industrial sectors in revolutionizing their operation; executing the process of the business, IT support and workflow schedules, front and back office daily tasks. It gives you an amazing advancement in accuracy and contributes to the growth of productivity in managing transactions, thereby fine-tuning the daily tasks by displacing the people from repetitive and boring works and processes.

The RPA which is integrated with FlowWright works by using the ability of the rules engine to make decisions. These decisions making will be made easier and automated by artificial intelligence and machine learning.

FlowWright enables you to design and implement more difficult processes; process with a lot of hierarchical sub-processes. FlowWright has become a pioneer and the next generation of RPA when it comes to processing using robotic workers.

FlowWright also creates software robots to process events, workflows, statistics, forms, and many other items. Various models of robots can execute different tasks within the system.


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