Face Emotion Recognition – What Is It and How to Use It?

Affective computing and modern technologies like face emotion recognition have been gaining increasing popularity in the last few years. They’re willingly used by the greatest tycoons in the market, including companies like Google. What is facial emotion recognition and how to use it? Keep reading to discover answers to these questions!

What is facial emotion recognition?

Facial emotion recognition tools and software employ cutting edge technology and use biometric markers to analyze and detect emotions of humans. This sentiment analysis tool is able to determine basic feelings such as sadness, happiness, surprise, fear, anger, or disgust.

Face emotion recognition is able to mimic human coding skills. Everybody knows that gestures and non-verbal communication play an important role in human and interpersonal relations. They complement verbal communication, and allow listeners to understand and interpret the real, intended meaning behind the words.

As facial emotion recognition tools are able to analyze information based on videos, or images, they deliver reliable data assessing emotional responses of speakers, and listeners.

How does it work?

Face emotion recognition technology is computer-based, which means that it employs algorithms to detect facial expressions, and analyze them. This is done thanks to computer or smartphone cameras and analysis of videos or images.

Face emotion recognition process usually involves three steps:

  • face detection
  • obtaining information from detected pictures or videos
  • analyzing available data and classifying the information.

Top applications of face emotion recognition software

Facial emotion recognition software is a valuable source of information for businesses operating in various industries. It helps to determine the sentiment of the target audience, understand potential customers, and see how people perceive given products, brands, or marketing messages. Thanks to it, business persons can evaluate the effectiveness of their content and determine areas for improvement.

Tools and software that enable face emotion recognition support market research and make it easier to understand customers needs and expectations. With this technology, digital product owners can test MVP product versions to see if they meet the expectations of the target audience and implement necessary modifications if needed. This helps to prevent unnecessary expenditures.

The takeaway

Facial emotion recognition software has been gaining increasing popularity among entrepreneurs around the world. The technology makes it possible to determine feelings and emotions of recipients. It’s a valuable source of information that facilitates decision-making and helps to prevent unnecessary costs.


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