Difference Between Vinyl Floors and Homogeneous Tiles

I always liked to make changes and renovations in my house, from furniture changes, paintings, construction of new environments and floor changes, talking about floor changes, this was my last housework. I already have experience in changing floors but I was in doubt which floor to choose if I chose Vinyl floors or homogeneous tiles as both are excellent choices.As I was in doubt, I decided to access the best site in Singapore about flooring which is: https://www.buildexpo.org. The site has always solved my doubts and through it, I decided which floor to choose between Vinyl floors or homogeneous tiles, but before I say which one I chose, it’s good to show the difference to the general public who still don’t know the differences between the two. One of the main differences is the air quality that these floors promote wherever they are installed. Vinyl uses a PVC resin that over time emits gases that can have harmful effects on people with asthma, while homogeneous tiles do not emit any adverse gas as they are made of organic material, so the tiles are in front of the vinyl in this factor.Another difference is about durability, vinyl is one of the toughest floors found on the market and they tolerate large loads against them, but in this factor, homegrown tiles have an advantage because they have a durability of 50 years while vinyl has a durability of 20 years, in addition, the tiles are resistant to acids and corrosive substances.Regarding maintenance, both vinyl and homogeneous tiles are very easy to be cleaned and there is practically no difference in the difficulty of maintenance between the two.The installation of tiles is more complicated than vinyl and a qualified team is needed for this because homogeneous tiles have a fragile nature when they are in their unitary state, while vinyl is easier to be installed and anyone can install it at home.The price of vinyl is cheaper than tiles and this is an advantage of vinyl.

Considering all these factors, the homogeneous tile was my choice for its long-lasting nature and the quality of the air it generates.

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