Cover letter – a chance to get a cool job

Nowadays it is a mauvais ton to send a resume without a cover letter, as it serves as a greeting, which starts the communication with the employer, allows you to prevent questions and get rid of misunderstanding. At this stage (first contact/communication) a vector of employer’s relations with the applicant is formed and you in your turn form your motivation for the employer to work in this concrete company.

A cover letter is not a resume. There is no need to duplicate information to fill the space. The letter should form additional information that will hook the employer and reveal the seriousness of the candidate’s intentions.

The mission of the cover letter is to help the candidate stand out in the crowd of applicants with similar resumes.

When writing this text, you need to pay attention to the main markers that will help it become more “sellable.”

Think about what the employer wants to hear

Write about how you can benefit a potential employer. Focus on his needs, not on your own merits. Write about the possible benefit to the organization, which will become more successful if you become an employee.

Write concisely and to the point

In a cover letter, it’s best to get right to the main point. Write clearly and without too much “water.” Associate your cover letter with a 30-second self-presentation that should convince the employer to meet with you.

Remember that a potential employer just wants to know what your letter is about. He doesn’t have time to read a pretty preface and play guesswork.

Get the message right

Don’t be lazy to find out the name of the person you are sending your letter to. Most job postings include the name of the contact person. But if there is no name, turn on the detective in you and use search engines, social media, corporate groups, and the company website to find out the name of the recipient of your message.

Write the truth and be specific

Once you’ve made it clear what kind of job you want, talk about your specialty.

Be specific. Cite evidence to support your credentials, back everything up with facts. Write about all your accomplishments in a dry style.

Be natural and personal

The more the letter displays natural speech, the more it will stand out from your competitors’ letters. Each sentence should sound the way you would say it when addressing the person you’re talking to. Don’t use clichés and platitudes. Do not write “responsible, communicative, executive, hardworking, etc.”, such words fill the airwaves and do not carry personality, so they should not even be mentioned.

Don’t forget the conclusion and verification

Finish your letter with a message that you would like to be interviewed. Offer your phone call or leave your phone number.

Remember about syntax, punctuation, and text style. Make better short sentences. Don’t form large blocks of text, use more frequent paragraph breaks.

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