Best Mall kiosks – An Innovative Business Idea

Next time when you visit a mall make sure you have a look at the kiosks. Those little carts you will find everywhere in the mall. Do you know that they handle 10% of sale out of the total sales of the mall. Since many years this model has continuously following. Now a days ecommerce business is at boom and they have let down the business of many big stores. This is the reason why people have started their small stores. The reason is that they don’t have to spend much money on it. They save a lot of money as they don’t have to keep many numbers of sales persons another thing is that they don’t have to provide a big shop or location in order to start the store. Malls have also started giving permission to most of the kiosks stores. These kiosks stores have really performed well compared to other big stores.km987

There are many other business kiosks ideas, but as per our experience there are some basic principles that are followed by most successful businesses. Olea kiosks designers are one of the best kiosks designers that you can try

Product variety:- usually mall kiosks have limited number of stock available but they have high variety available in their warehouse. For example a kiosk that is selling sunglasses carries a number of varieties. They will easily show you a mix type of sunglasses at their various sections. Other great examples of these kiosks are those that are selling crocs which have been started as kiosks business only. These kiosks usually carry just one type of material but with huge variety. Same is the case with other business.

Mass appeal:- another major point of this is that people look for certain things but they choose or buy it from the kiosk that have huge variety. We have seen many kiosks in the markets and frankly speaking they earn much more than mall kiosks and the reason is that they sell products at much cheaper price than other stores as they don’t have huge expenses as the bigger stores have that’s why customers prefer to buy products from these kiosks.

Service environment:- many kiosks are there that work towards creating the best service environment by offering activities. For example a temporary tattoo deigns kiosk sell and apply them to your skin. Another example is the product installation kiosks. They not only sell you the product but they also install the product.

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