Best Free Download Managers

Ninja Internet Download Manager is wonderful download manager with a lot of features. It can resume downloads, download video and audio files from popular media websites, convert media downloads from one file format to another, extract audio from video automatically, schedule downloads, limit download speed, update expired download URLs, and more.

NIDM also has the ability to delete the downloaded files beyond recovery. The file shredder in this program can actually shred both the data and the meta-data, meaning the files can never be recovered, even by using powerful forensic tools.

This program always monitors your clipboard, so to add a download, all you have to do is right-click and copy the link or you can drag and drop the link onto the Ninja Download Manager window.

It also got proxy support, a virus scanner, and a password manager.

uGet is an open source multi-platform download manager that supports many protocols including the BitTorrent. Like most of the modern download managers, it can resume broken downloads, download as many files as you want simultaneously, and do many other things.

It allows up to 16 simultaneous connections per download, and it uses Adaptive Segment Management to ensure optimal download speeds at all times (when one segment drops out then the other connections pick up the slack).

With this app, you can specify how many downloads each category is allowed to run simultaneously.

DAP is a powerful download manager from Speedbit. It has many useful features, what I personally found interesting is that a feature called “Automatic Mirror Speed Boost ” which ensures that you always get the best download speed from the fastest download sources. DAP does this magic by automatically switching the connections to a faster mirror site.

It can also download online videos, convert videos to MP3, and pause and resume downloads. DAP has an integrated internet browser, which I think is a bad feature for a download manager.

It also allows you to play the video and audio files as they are being downloaded.

JDownloader is an open source download manager that can do a lot of things like any other download manager on this list. It can limit bandwidth, auto-extract archives, store login credentials, schedule downloads, and etc.

Microsoft Download Manager is a simple download manager, and it is extremely easy to use. It supports proxy and allows up to 16 connections per download. That’s all I can say about this program!

BitComent is a powerful download manager that supports HTTP, FTP, and BitTorrent. Since the BitTorrent technology is integrated into HTTP/FTP download in this program, your download speed will be much better. During the download, the BitComet automatically switches the connection to fastest download sources.

It also allows you to preview video files during the download process. This freeware also has the ability to scan the downloaded files for malware.

Like BitComet and DAP, GetRight can also search for mirrors for the file you are downloading. It also offers features like scheduling and Integrated browser.

GetRight can automatically download podcasts for you, all you have to do is subscribe to your favorite channels.

TotalD is a reliable download manager that supports torrent and direct download. It can also download online videos from Vimeo, Dailymotion, and many other sites. With this free version, you can only download medium quality online videos and a limited number of torrents.

TotalD’s flat user interface is pretty good, it is actually well designed.

wxDFast (wxDownload Fast) is an open source multi-platform and multi-threaded download manager that offers useful features such as download scheduling, proxy support and etc.

Note: wxDFast has no HTTPS support.

Download Accelerator Manager

Download Accelerator Manager dynamically segments download throughout the download process, reuses connections without extra connect steps, and maintains connections busyness. Most importantly, it eliminates the time-wasting file-part-assembly process to save your time on all downloads.

It also offers a tool called “MediaGrabber” that allows you to download video/audio from any web page. And, this tool can grab media files from any internet software.

iGetter is a full featured download manager that can resume broken downloads, monitor clipboard for links, create and set download rules, schedule downloads, increase the download speed using mirror sources, show you the contents of compressed files before downloading them and do many other useful things.

It supports HTTP and FTP protocols as well as HTTPS and FTP over SSL.

Fresh Download is an easy-to-use download manager that supports FTP, HTTP and HTTPS protocols. Unlike many other download managers, it only allows up to 8 connections for a file. But it can help you to schedule your downloads, scan the downloaded file for viruses, extract the Zip file and more.

It supports almost all the modern browsers including Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, and Opera.

Turbo Download Manager is a portable multi-threaded download manager for all platforms. It allows you to preview media files even when the file is not completely downloaded.

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