Adventure Photography – Tips to Get an Epic Shot

Today I’m going to talk a little bit about essential things I bring in the field for every shoot. There are so many great apps that make photography so much easier on the field. One I really like is Sunter. what this app does is it allows you to figure out where the Sun is going to come up and where it’s going to set or even know that I’m scouting at noon at six o’clock later that day the Sun is going to go down there and I can  pre build a composition.

I’ve used split neutral density filters for the last 20 years and they are an essential part of my kit. They go with me everywhere. They’re pretty simple; you just slip them right onto the front of your camera like any filter. What they do is they help combat situations where the light isn’t uneven. I think this is an essential tool that any photographer filmmaker should always have they weigh next to nothing and they can really make an impossible shot possible. if I’m going out into the backcountry an item that’s become so household as the GoPro. I like to bring a stabilizer for my GoPro. The combined kit is incredibly light.

It’s great for run-and-gun shooting behind somebody or in front of somebody. This is perfect I’m a big fan of using off-camera lighting. I like to bring a full battery-operated light it could be a small light or a big light such as this and having an extra light can really open up a lot of opportunities to get photos that you couldn’t get .

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