3 Common Personal Injury Cases

In the US, over 400,000 personal injury claims are filed every year. Of these, only 4% ever make it to trial. The rest are either dismissed or settled out of court. Before a claim makes it to trial, an attorney in Lincoln, CA will attempt to settle. They will make a demand to the other party and negotiations will begin. If no agreement can be made, trial will proceed.

With so many cases filed each year for personal injury, you may be wondering what the most common type of cases are. Here is a short list of the top four most common personal injury cases.

Auto Accident

Auto accidents make up over half of all personal injury lawsuits every year. This includes anything related to a motor vehicle. The average payout for an auto accident claim is $16,000. Car accident cases often deal directly with the damage to the vehicle and medical bills related to the accident. While this type of claim doesn’t have a high payout, many claims are made to seek the money they deserve.

Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice is the second most common type of personal injury claim filed in the US every year. They are also the least successful of all personal injury cases. It is very difficult to prove negligence in malpractice suits. Your attorneys in Lincoln, CA will need to have very hard evidence that proves that the doctor, nurses, or hospital were negligence in you or your loved one’s care. Most malpractice suits get settled out of court, that’s also why doctors have such extensive insurance coverage.

Product Liability

Product liability has the next highest amount of cases filed in the US each year and also the highest payouts for winning your claim. The average compensation for a product liability claim is $748,000! These cases deal with a product causing your injury because it is defective. This can be while it’s being manufactured such as medicine that contains a poisonous substance. It can also be in the design such as a car that flips when turning corners. This type of claim also covers warnings. This is why shampoo bottles tell the user not to eat it or what to do when it gets into your eye.

If you have ever been injured in any of these common personal injury cases, contact lawyers in Lincoln, CA to file a claim.

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