The Easiest Way To Stop A Roof Leak

As the weather gets colder, you might be concerned about the impact rainy weather will have on your roof. An older roof can easily develop a leak from shingle damage or other issues.

Fortunately, a leaky roof is generally an easy fix. Modern technology like infrared leak detection will get ahead of the damage and stop it from becoming too expensive.

Looking for more details? Here’s a quick guide to help you spot and stop roof leaks.

Step 1: Call a roofer

First thing’s first: call a roofing contractor to come out and repair your roof as soon as possible. Even if you’re able to stop the leak in the short term, there is no permanent fix until you call in an expert.

The damage caused by even a minor roof leak can weaken the structure of your roof, causing it to droop and eventually cave in. Before you do anything else, schedule a consultation with a roofing contractor.

Step 2: Find the leak

Using a pair of binoculars (don’t risk climbing a ladder in the rain), inspect your roof for signs of damage that could be causing the leak. A broken or missing shingle will cause moisture to seep through — that’s why a lot of businesses install silicone roof coating to protect their buildings.

If the damage can be easily fixed with a simple patch, wait for the weather to clear up, then safely patch the area. A contractor will conduct more thorough repairs later on.

Step 3: Check your attic

If the leak is in your attic, you might be able to patch it from the inside.

Condensation from snow and ice on the outside of the roof can weaken your attic floor and leak through. See if you can find the source of the leak, and block it with a patch or bucket. This will temporarily prevent further damage.

If the damage from your leaky roof has escalated, you might need to totally replace it. Don’t panic — most contractors offer roof financing options so you don’t have to put any money down upfront. Then you won’t have to stress about a roof leak again for years.

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