Sending and Sharing Large Files Securely with

Sending and sharing large files securely via email, forum or social media is a big pain for you. Most email, forum, and social media set a limit on the file size of attachments, and if you have a lot of photos, videos, or even a large PowerPoint presentation, you may instantly discover what this limit is and receive a message saying the file is too large to be sent. So what is the solution for this?

Thankfully, you can find another secure technique that uses a online file transfer service. You upload the small or large file via a website securely and then get the download link that can be shared to your friends via email, forum, messenger, or even social media.

There is a free service that can be used for sharing large file securely. is a secure web platform to share and send your photos, videos, your favorite music, and also your large documents.

You can bring your files everywhere and share them conveniently with friends and family, co-workers, and relatives so it’s possible to get a fast access to the same information! is readily available on all your devices: Smartphone, tablets and laptops. Share and send large files instantly in just a few clicks, and then get a download link which can be shared and send directly to your friends, or readily get a link and share it on email, forums, and social media. enables you to transfer large files for free without any registration. Transfer large files to several contacts or create a link to help you to easily share it on email, forum, and social media! I would say it’s extremely difficult to find a service which is easy to use, free, with no registration, and mostly secure and fast.

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