The cheapest way to fix scratches on your phone screen

Although almost all Android phones are much more durable when compared with iPhones, it does not mean they are resistant to damage. In any case, phone screen are made from glass, and will breaks if you drop it.

We have all been through it – you are chatting with friends joyfully, then your smart phone slips out of your hands. While your phone fall into the ground, you begin to scream, while we know it is will be screen cracked

I will tell you how to proceed after your smart phone screen cracked. Although your phone screen is extremely broken to work properly, you will still be able to access Android data.

When you have got a damaged phone screen, first it is best to ascertain how terrible the wreck is . You could possibly operate it minor cracks that do not block your view excessively, however bigger cracks must certainly be treated soon. For instance, when the colors on your phone screen are unusual or a few pixels are no more displaying, the wreck has gone much serious than the glass on top and can affect the LCD panel beneath.


The most affordable way to fix your damaged phone screen  is DIY repair. You can purchase the Android or even iPhone screen from Amazon, eBay, as well as other sites. Also, ensure you purchase the tools to do the replacement, and stick to the online information to repair the damaged screen. You will find some guidelines that show you the way to fix your phone with toothpaste.

We must always make room for toothpaste. Toothpaste has become a typical part of your morning routine. Made to be abrasive and it can remove a plastic scratch the similar procedure it can clean teeth. Since it is available at your home and will not need additional cost to buy it, toothpaste is the excellent solution for removing plastic scratches. The equal solution that makes your teeth pearly white can even make a cracked DVD playable and make dingy gadgets look new and shiny.

Just apply a little toothpaste towards the end of a cotton bud or a soft rag. Carefully rub it into your screen’s scratches, be attentive not to rub too rigorous and clear away any surface area. You must wipe the whole part down with a smooth, barely-damp cloth. Ensure that the toothpaste doesn’t drown into headphone sockets, buttons or even any sensitive parts of your phone. It is best to use a polishing cloth and rub away any oils or dirt which has accumulated on your phone screen. It can make your phone screen minty fresh.

You should not use gel-based toothpaste as it will do nothing but can create a mess and burden you with those cracks you are looking to remove. The trick is only use a tiny bit of toothpaste; it will remove a tiny scratch, or even hide it. Using this method, you will refresh the overall look of your phone, and i hope that make your lovely phone look much better than before the scratch.

Brief review : Apple Watch Series 2 vs Asus Zenwatch 3

The Apple Watch series 2 has released when many People are enthusiastically trying to find the Best smart watches for their android wear. This is one of the most awaited smartwatch on the market that features a stylish design and a smooth rectangular display, which promotes a variety of watch faces.

The Apple Watch Series 2 seems to be almost precisely the same to the original. This continues to be one of the most popular smartwatch with regard to looks, especially since it isn’t as big as competitor watches. People who prefer round ones will not be as their choice. The square display screen with rounded edges help it become easy to swipe up , down , left or right from the edge to make additional shortcuts , and the Digital Crown also looks good as a way of zooming in and out , and basic navigation.

Apple Watch 2 is also suitable for swimming in a pool as long as you want to , but also work on seawater . It had been tested on many swimmers before launch, and it is still accurate for exercise readings especially surviving on the wet area.

When Apple Watch Series 2 compared to Asus Zenwatch 3, we know that ASUS wanting something totally new, while still maintaining particular elements of that genuine style. The major change is the circular display screen, and seeing that the extent to which models tend to leverage Android Wear sale.

ZenWatch 3 has made the wearable look significantly more like a common wristwatch, potentially benefiting to enhance user acceptance. , a square screen is certainly a more suitable use of working surface (when it comes to UI design), and we’re aware the rounded style still has a lot of fans.

Review of Glidecraft hoverboard

You might want to tell mom and dad to get you one. The newer models are perfectly safe now, especially those with a UL Certification. Help them find the best one too, so they’ll have peace of mind.

Look for a self-balancing electric scooter with a durable shell, the right-sized tires and a UL certified battery. You should also make sure the charger you used comes from the manufacturer. You should also promise mom and dad that you’ll wear protective gear – helmet, knee pads, elbow pads or wrist guards. When taking your hoverboard for a ride at night, you should also promise to wear a pair of Glidekicks LED light up shoes for better visibility.


Don’t forget to practice with caution and safety. Wear protective gear and asked a friend who knows how to ride a hoverboard to help you out or teach you the basics. You should also ask them to catch you when you fall. Once you get the hang of it, riding a hoverboard will be a breeze.

What if mom and dad asks what you need a hoverboard for?

Helps you finish your chores quickly

When you vacuum the floor on your all new Glidecraft hoverboard, you cover more area in a short amount of time. And you won’t even need to cut corners. The same thing is true when you’re organizing your bedroom or dusting stuff. When you need to run some errands, you can also accomplish them quickly when you ride a hoverboard. It’s a win-win situation.


Gets you out of the house

Between playing video games and taking your self-balancing electric scooter for a spin, parents are likely to choose the latter. Don’t they always tell you to go out and have some fun? You can take your hoverboard down at the beach and do some stunts. The sand will provide you with a soft cushion while practicing. Go out during the daytime and you’ll have that much needed Vitamin D. Going down to the beach is also a great opportunity to meet new friends.

Go for a night ride

When was the last time you went out to watch the stars in the night sky? Taking your hoverboard for a night ride is your best excuse. Invite some of your friends to ride down the board walk, enjoy the sights or watch the lights that dominate the skyline. A night ride with friends will provide you with an entirely different experience than doing it in broad daylight. Find an open space where you can alternate between performing stunts and enjoying the peace and quiet.

If you decide to ride on sidewalks and public roads, avoid crowded areas and make sure you are highly visible to motorists. Wear hi-vis clothing or a pair of light up shoes, which will make you look even cooler on your self-balancing electric scooter.

Present a great argument with your mom and dad with these reasons. They’re likely to agree on the household-chores part, which is good news. Check out important specs when shopping for a hoverboard, such as the weight of the self-balancing electric scooter, minimum and maximum weight limit, speed and warranty.

Buying a laptop based on your daily needs

Laptops always keep their major benefit even during the increasing popularity of tablets and Smartphone. Individuals who want to get so many works done are likely to choose laptops that have amazing performance for multitasking jobs. When you plan to purchase a laptop then you certainly can find a great number of options to pick from. Many people would rather purchase laptops online since this is the way they can find the widest choice of products and the perfect prices. Nevertheless, you must discover how to choose the best suited laptop through a lot of options available on the market.vb321

If you need it for school or work then it is advisable to purchase a durable one with an excellent keyboard as well as a high resolution display. Nevertheless, if you only need it for checking emails and browsing the occasional website for any reasons then it is advisable to choose a less expensive one that doesn’t need a lot of laptop resource in processing your multitasking jobs . If you are a lifelong gamer then you will need a laptop which has a decent processor created for gaming. Likewise, there are some laptops for extremely creative individuals who must do video and photo editing.

It is best to buy a laptop with battery life of 4 hours at the minimum. Certainly, you may choose a high-priced laptop which has more than 10 hours of battery life when you are traveling a lot and cannot constantly expect to recharge your laptop battery when you need.

If you are living in Nigeria and you want to buy laptop online or you might want to choose the best possible laptop for your daily needs, then it is best to visit This online electronic store is located in Nigeria and provides a lot of selections of Laptop from various brands and various sizes. You can browse and use the filter to make it easier for you to choose the right laptop based your needs.

Review of Bose SoundSport Wireless

StayHear tips function admirably your ears, keeping the buds safely and serenely secured, even while you are running. In any case, the open outline can let in encompassing sounds, so they aren’t much good when you are in an uproarious situation. The Bose SoundSport Wirelesst accompanies a one of a kind game rendition of the Stay-Hear tips that fits in with any ear shape, and stay set up serenely, for the duration of the day. They are accessible in a wide assortment of hues, for example, Charcoal, Vitality Green, Ice, Control Red and Neon Blue. Aside from these, it accompanies a game enlivened case that matches the shade of your own earphones. The case secures and additionally stores the earphones while not being used. It can likewise hold your money and keys, when you are out working out.


Normally, the Bose SoundSport wireless viably opposes water and sweat and water. It gloats of a remote and inline mic that permits you to skip tunes if essential, manage the volume, and also make and accept calls, without in any capacity connecting for your smarphone. These astonishing earphones are intended to defeat the requests of a bustling life. Actually Bose is parading its quality for making calls, and its solid Bluetooth association. Incidentally, Bose is likewise presenting SoundSport Beat, a completely incorporated listen rate screen, good with wellness applications, for example, Runkeeper, and Endomondo. The SoundSport has better than average battery life of around six hours, and five hours for SoundSport Beat.

It is anything but difficult to match The Bose SoundSport wireless to any Bluetooth gadget. The same is the situation, in the event that you happen to claim a NFC empowered telephone, you should simply to rapidly tap between the telephone and inline remote. Along these lines you can focus on your workout or don and not your earphones.

While the Bose SoundSport Wireless In-Ear may not the finest sounding in-ear earphone for your cash, its plan and in addition comfort level are great. Truth be told, it’s the very thing you require in the event that you are searching for this kind of earphone style, without jamming the tips directly into your ear trenches.