Brief review : Apple Watch Series 2 vs Asus Zenwatch 3

The Apple Watch series 2 has released when many People are enthusiastically trying to find the Best smart watches for their android wear. This is one of the most awaited smartwatch on the market that features a stylish design and a smooth rectangular display, which promotes a variety of watch faces.

The Apple Watch Series 2 seems to be almost precisely the same to the original. This continues to be one of the most popular smartwatch with regard to looks, especially since it isn’t as big as competitor watches. People who prefer round ones will not be as their choice. The square display screen with rounded edges help it become easy to swipe up , down , left or right from the edge to make additional shortcuts , and the Digital Crown also looks good as a way of zooming in and out , and basic navigation.

Apple Watch 2 is also suitable for swimming in a pool as long as you want to , but also work on seawater . It had been tested on many swimmers before launch, and it is still accurate for exercise readings especially surviving on the wet area.

When Apple Watch Series 2 compared to Asus Zenwatch 3, we know that ASUS wanting something totally new, while still maintaining particular elements of that genuine style. The major change is the circular display screen, and seeing that the extent to which models tend to leverage Android Wear sale.

Xiaomi also has made the wearable look significantly more like a common wristwatch, potentially benefiting to enhance user acceptance. , a square screen is certainly a more suitable use of working surface (when it comes to UI design). Check also Xiaomi reviews for more information Xiaomi wearable devices and others.

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