Brief review : Apple Watch Series 2 vs Asus Zenwatch 3

The Apple Watch series 2 has released when many People are enthusiastically trying to find the Best smart watches for their android wear. This is one of the most awaited smartwatch on the market that features a stylish design and a smooth rectangular display, which promotes a variety of watch faces.

The Apple Watch Series 2 seems to be almost precisely the same to the original. This continues to be one of the most popular smartwatch with regard to looks, especially since it isn’t as big as competitor watches. People who prefer round ones will not be as their choice. The square display screen with rounded edges help it become easy to swipe up , down , left or right from the edge to make additional shortcuts , and the Digital Crown also looks good as a way of zooming in and out , and basic navigation.

Apple Watch 2 is also suitable for swimming in a pool as long as you want to , but also work on seawater . It had been tested on many swimmers before launch, and it is still accurate for exercise readings especially surviving on the wet area.

When Apple Watch Series 2 compared to Asus Zenwatch 3, we know that ASUS wanting something totally new, while still maintaining particular elements of that genuine style. The major change is the circular display screen, and seeing that the extent to which models tend to leverage Android Wear sale.

ZenWatch 3 has made the wearable look significantly more like a common wristwatch, potentially benefiting to enhance user acceptance. , a square screen is certainly a more suitable use of working surface (when it comes to UI design), and we’re aware the rounded style still has a lot of fans.

Zoho Upgrades Al (Artificial Intelligence)

By Gregg Troyanowski

zoho logoZoho, based in Chennai, India with headquarters in Pleasanton, California, brought artificial intelligence to its enterprise suite in February.  They recently announced a significant upgrade to Connect, the team collaboration app designed to give users a centralized virtual space to work and share contact from.  The upgrades include new features such as Forums, Boards, and Manuals.  This enables teams to manage their work plans and create their own knowledge base.   It has been determined that productivity at individual and team level explodes when business users are given social tools in their context.

Zoho, founded in 1996 and rebranded in 2009, offers a suite of online productivity tools and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications.  It claims 25 million worldwide users, half of which are in the United States.  Zoho’s first offering was a word processing app.  The first phase focused on office suite, the second phase (2008) CRM, and in 2009-2010 email.  The company started with about 500 people, by 2010 reached more than 1000, and now claims to have over 4,000 employees.  As a result, a recruitment app, CRM, and email campaigns were developed.


There was one key piece missing as the apps all catered to specific productivity needs but didn’t constitute a cohesive productivity suite.   So in 2012 the third phase called contextual integration started.  This consisted of integrating all the apps that had been developed.  This process of integrating into a single suite took five years.    This is where the idea of a business operating system came from and more keep being added depending on needs of business.

The fourth phase with the introduction of the Zia Al into all of its apps began in February Zia is the Al-driven sales assistant for Zoho CRM.  Zia can learn from all context about a customer – an email, an inquire, a purchase order.  Al is very complicated but with a simple purpose.  Zia if fully integrated into theZoho CRM app.

About Gregg Troyanowski

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